Are there any eco friendly stuffed animals for my kids?



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    Yes. There are a variety of environmentally friendly stuffed animals available, as well as other types of children’s toys. Organic and sustainable toys are made in all styles. From the traditional teddy bear to the bison or panthers. Even plush organic dolls are available. 

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    Great question! There are some green toys out there and many of them look like a lot of fun. The Joobles Collection is a group of soft and squishy characters all made from 100% organic cotton. There’s also a bunny offered by Kaloo! which is perfect for infants and toddlers, also made from organic cotton and packaged in boxes made from recycled material. Furnis, a European doll maker, makes a 100% hand-woven doll called “Maja” which is specifically designed to be passed down from one generation of kids to another. Challenge and Fun, Inc. makes a line of stuffed animals from natural and organic materials such as pure wool and dyes certified to be eco-friendly. I’m sure other Greenanswers contributors can suggest other options as well.

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    Yes! Planet Happy Toys is a children’s toy company that produces sustainable, recycled, and natural/organic toys. For instance, they sell natural stuffed animals. This giraffe for example is completely handmade from natural alpaca fibers. These other plush animals are made with 100% organic cotton and filling, along with natural vegetable dye.

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