Are there any eco friendly shaving creams?



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    Yes, there are!  There are lots of eco-friendly shaving options available.  You can buy traditional shaving cream if you want, but do your research.  Some “eco-friendly” shaving products only do one or the other: eco-friendly packaging, or eco-friendly products.  Don’t trust the box.  Look at the ingredients.

    Here are some of the best:

    Herban Cowboy

    Tom’s of Maine

    Other options


    However, a cheaper and perhaps more environmentally-friendly way to shave is to make your own shaving cream.


    You can also get razors made out of recycled plastic.


    I highly recommend the article linked below for more information.

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    The cans of shaving cream are hard to recycle. If you really want to be eco-friendly try making your own. Here is a  simple recipe:

    Ingredients for Elizabeth Seward’s recipe:
    1/2 teaspoon of sunflower oil
    1/4 cup of unscented glycerin soap
    Double boiler
    A cup or mug for the cream
    1. In your double boiler, melt chunks of the glycerin soap.
    2. Stir in the sunflower oil.
    3. Move the mixture into a mug as soon as all of the glycerin chunks are melted.

    Another option is: Tom’s of Maine uses natural ingredients.Tom’s shaving cream is packaged in an aluminum tube (not plastic) and cardboard box made from 40-65% post-consumer recycled materials. You can recycle the aluminum.

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    eos Shaving Cream is not tested on animals or includes any animal by products. It is moisturizing and includes antioxidants, Vitamin E and C, natural aloe, and oat and shea butter. Alba Botanica Moisturizing Foam Shave is another eco-friendly all natural shave cream. Kiss My Face products are also always a good choice when you have the environment in mind. 

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