Are there any eco friendly RV parks?



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    Sacred Rocks RV Park 70 miles east of San Diego has claimed to be the “most eco-friendly” RV camp in the world.   They offer several solar-powered RVs for rent, have recycling bins set up around the park, and are pretty strict about enforcing rules that guests can only dump ecofriendly products into their sewage tank.  So that means you have to watch what kinds of products you’re using to wash your dishes and laundry.    When the new owners took over and had to repair yards and yards of underground pipes and wires, they did all digging by hand in order to protect the parks’ trees from being damaged.  

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    The ARVC, the National Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds, started a program two years ago call Plan-It-Green. This program encourages RV parks to pledge to the program and in doing so pledge to reduce, reuse, recycle and educate guests about how to be more environmentally friendly in the RV park setting. Over 100 RV parks have pledged to the program.

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