Are there any eco friendly pet treats?



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    There are several companies that specialize on offering a wide variety of more environementally responsible supplies for pets, including food and treats. Pawluxury offers biscuits and edible chews made from all organic ingredients and no wheat or corn, including sweet potato and deer antler chews. lists many brands of dog treats and other supplies that they have determined to be more eco-friendly: most of them also use less typical ingrediants that are organic.

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    There are a couple of companies that have advertised their pet treats as eco-friendly. PawLuxury advertises all of their products as eco-friendly, and their treats are organic. Olive Green Dog advertises all of their food products as organic as well. They also sell cat food. There are other companies that are doing the same thing. The best way to buy would be the internet.

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    Max & Ruffy’s is a great company that offers all natural, organic, vegan dog treats.  They make a point to get their ingredients from companies who are socially responsible and try to make their flavors unique, flavorful, and nutritious.  They also have wheat free and grain free versions.  None of their product lines contain GMOs or any genetically modified organisms.  They also make sure to package their tasty treats in 100% environmentally friendly packaging made with soy ink and recyclable paperboard boxes.

    Boston Baked Bonz is another great company that makes a lasting variety of organic, vegan doggie treats.  They also boast some pretty unique flavors such as peanut butter crunch and wild blueberry.  In 2008 they were voted the Best Dog Treat Company by PETA’s Proggy Awards, an annual contest that awards individuals and companies for animal friendly achievements.  They have a monthly delivery service that makes ordering (and enjoying) these delicious treats easy and timely!

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