Are there any eco friendly luxury yachts?



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    I hate to say it, but the idea of an “eco friendly yacht” is, in my personal opinion, kind of absurd. Even if there is a yacht considered “eco-friendly,” a core concept of “being green” is to do without extravagant luxuries. Let’s say there’s a yacht made from 100% recycled materials, powered by 100% solar power, etc etc. It’s still going to take lots of fuel to gather and process those materials, build those solar panels, etc. A “luxury yacht,” by nature, is not an eco-friendly concept.

    If you really want to still believe that there is such a thing, this site gives a lsit of the “top 10: eco-friendly luxury yachts, which include features like hybrid engines, combination solar/diesel power, and other “green technologies.” But consider that even to buy one of these to replace another yacht creates the next problem of waste, as you need to dispose of “un-eco-friendly yachts.”

    If I were you, I’d settle for a canoe trip in a local wetland.

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    I’d have to agree with jvanderlee on this one. These days, it seems that many companies and product-lines are just slapping on a label that says “green” or “eco-friendly” to products or services that at their core are simply not genuinely good practices–as far as the earth is concerned– but are perhaps slightly less bad than the alternative. I think an “eco-friendly luxury yahct” is one such example and I guess I am not all that surprised to learn that somebody has already made a list of the top ten options. Generally, this is one of the practices that concerns me about adopting such terms as “green” or “eco-friendly” as they can so easily be utilized in marketing even when the underlying philosophy or principle is not being manifested.  

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