Are there any eco-friendly liquors?



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    It appears that Marker’s Mark to efforts to become more sustainable in 2008, when it incorporated a co-generation system, allowing it to reduce the company’s use of natural gas by 15% to 30%. The facility, designed by Ecovation, anaerobically treats “the liquid portion of the whole stillage and process waters produced during bourbon-making,” to create methane biogas, which is used to help power the process of bourbon-making (click here). 

    There also are a number of other sustainable or organic liquors out there, among them: Square One organic vodka, made with 100% organic American rye, 4Copas says it makes tequila using 100% organic Blue Agave, 360 Vodka uses an energy-efficient process to distill it four times and filter it five times and Benromach Organic is an organic scotch certified by Great Britian.

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    Unfortunately, none of these can be truly eco-friendly until they find a container other than glass that can still preserve the quality of the liquor. The cost of shipping alone puts a large amount of harmful gases into the air.

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