Are there any eco friendly laptop cases?



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    Yes! There are many laptop cases made of recycled materials or with “neogreene” material, which uses about 25% less energy to manufacture. I’ve attached a link to one such eco friendly laptop cases, and the website I found it on has many more options. Just look for all laptop cases with “GreenSmart” in their title.

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    I would like to add that buying a used one or making your own is a good option. Re-using something that is already made is way better for the environment than just recycling. Since people are now buying laptops that may not fit in their old laptop cases or may want a smaller, lighter case, many people are donating their old laptop cases to thrift stores. So, I would recommend going there first.

    Personally, my first laptop fit in my pannier bag on my bicycle, and I found that a very handy way to carry it for a long time. Now, I have a wider laptop that doesn’t fit in that particular pannier bag, but that’s OK because I stopped taking my laptop on bicycling trips. My boyfriend happened to have a very nice laptop case that he was not using anymore, so he gave it to me and now I find it perfect for times when I take the train to visit my parents. People are constantly discarding perfectly good items and donating them to thrift stores, so I recommend going to one and seeing what you find!

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