Are there any eco friendly hair growth products?



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    Yes. There are a number of eco-friendly hair growth products. One variety is the leave on moisturizing and hair growth formula from Sea Chi Organics. This product is made of all certified organic ingredients. A great resource to find all sorts of eco-friendly products is This website allows consumers to find and compare all different types of green products. I am including this link below. 

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    Yes! Check out Burt’s Bees Super Shiny Grapefruit and Sugar Beet Conditioner. Grapefruit oil is great for the scalp and in the bottle it smells nice..however, I purchased this product once ’cause it was on sell and I didn’t like the smell after you wash your hair. It reminds me of my dad’s citrus-scented carpet cleaner he uses for his car. But it did make my hair look a tad bit shinier. And remember, keeping your hair in good condition helps it grow better and stronger.

    One Hair Biscuit Shampoo is also great – plus, it’s pretty cheap. It costs around $8 at Walmart!!

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