Are there any eco friendly dog toys?



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    Absolutely! I own two dogs and a plethora of eco friendly toys. Some are sturdier than others but overall they are similar in quality to their synthetic and sometime chemically filled alternatives. West Paw Design, Intelliloft, and ABO gear are some good brands. If you are just browsing the doggie aisle, look for toys with recycled plastic and natural/organic fibers. Some of my dogs favorites toys are the hemp made animals stuffed with a recycled water bottle.

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    Most dogs love to chew on bones. Sometimes you can ask at the local meat market or butcher to see if they have any extra bones. Since it was likely going to go in the waste pile anyway as a byproduct of the food industry, an animal bone can be considered as having very little impact on the environment. And, you can be certain that your dog will not be eating any synthetic plastics.

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