Are there any eco friendly diets?



  1. 0 Votes is an article that talks about 9 ways to make your diet eco friendly.  Some of the tips include eating a locavore diet (a focus on foods produced within 100 miles of where you live) and the Eco Atkins Diet that provide an eco friendly alternative to the regular Atkins diet by using plant based proteins like soy and beans.

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    As far as diets with names go, vegetarianism and veganism are probably the most environmentally friendly.  Meat production in the US is an inefficient and wasteful use of agricultural land.  66% of the grain produced here goes to feed cattle, which we then slaughter for food.  So we’re basically feeding food to our food, whereas we could just feed the original, plant-based food to ourselves.  We could feed up to 10x more people with the grain we’re feeding to cattle.  Furthermore, cows produce a significant amount of the harmful greenhouse gas methane. 

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    There are few simple rules you can follow that will ensure that your diet has the least impact as possible. The food system is currently so complex and it is not always straightforward trying to find out information about the food you eat. Though certain organizations and companies want to make it seem as though you don’t have to think about it just by putting a label on a food item as “organic” or “natural” or “family farm.” But these labels mean quite little in and of themselves. So you will have to evaluate for yourself what makes the most sense to you within certain parameters, as food is also quite personal and everyone has their own preferences.

    But generally keep the following questions in mind when evaluating:

    Where is the food from (my garden, the farm outside town, across the country, across the world)?

    How was the food grown (small scale, diversified farm, wild harvested, large monoculture, use of pesticides/herbicides or integrated pest management)?

    Who grew the food (my farmer friend, small farm owner-operator, migrant workers that get little pay)?


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    The Raw food diet is considered to be rather eco-friendly. To be on a raw food diet means to consume unprocessed and uncooked food items. The most popular being fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains, seeds, etc. By not cooking your food, not only are you retaining more of its nutrients, but you are also conserving energy. Since the raw food diet does not include meat, you are also dramatically reducing your carbon footprint. You can always control where your food comes from so buy local, organic, and fair trade items and this will also contribute to your diet’s “eco-friendliness”.

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