Are there any eco-friendly crayons?



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    First of all, a tip for everyone out their, searching “green crayons” generally doesn’t have the same effect as searching “green XXXXX”, should’ve seen that one coming. 

    To answer your question, Charlotte Smarty Pants has a line of eco-friendly art supplies avaliable for purchase by the public.

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      Haha, thanks for the tip benz(is there an intended pun in this?), I thought about searching for “green crayons,” but decided that wouldn’t yield the results I was looking for.

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    Yes, they aren’t well known but they are possible. Not entirely sure if there’s any for sale in the retail market but perhaps specialty stores you can find them there. Another option is make your own, the article linked below details a woman’s venture creating eco-friendly crayons.

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    Crayola crayons are made using paraffin wax which is a petroleum product.  Stockmar crayons, on the other hand, are made using beeswax, a natural and renewable material.  While there are other eco-friendly crayons, these seem to be the most popular.

    Hope this helps!

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