Are there any eco friendly copiers or fax machines?



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    I couldn’t find any machines made to be eco-friendly, but one way to make your own fax machine or copier eco-friendly is to use eco-friendly paper and toner. 

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    There are not very many copiers and fax machines deemed eco friendly since their purpose involve using more resources. If you must have either of the two items in your office, consider using recycled paper and be concious of its use. Use eco friendly/soy based inks and unplug the machines when not in use. Also, update your models regularly since newer models are usually more energy efficient. Here is a link that claims to have “eco friendly” appliances

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    I couldn’t find an eco-friendly fax machine, but I did find an eco-friendly alternative. Instead of buying a fax machine, you can sign up for an online fax service. You send and receive faxes directly on to your computer, eliminating paper waste and the need for a new machine. It also cuts down on ink used.

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