Are there any eco friendly cookbooks?

With eco friendly recipe’s and techniques?



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    These are a few of the most popular eco-friendly cookbooks that have recipes as well as tips on being green:

    The most important things to remember are: buy local, organic, use reusable bags to bring your food home, and recycle what you can afterwards.

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    Many.  Most vegetarian or vegan cookbooks are very eco-friendly.  There are also many organic cookbooks on the market as well.  I like any of the cookbooks by Isa Chandra Moskowitz; they use all-natural ingredients and feature 100% vegan recipes.  Take a look at the cooking section next time you go to the bookstore; I’m sure there’s many great finds.

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    The most obvious choice would be The Big Green Cookbook.  All of the recipes are tailored to be beneficial for the environment as well as delicious.  Otherwise, try swapping out grocery store items with fresh produce from your local farmer’s market to make any recipe eco-friendly.  Or, how about trying the low-carbon diet?  It’s sure to be all the rage!

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    Try Vegan cookbooks. You might be suprised by how delicious some of the recipes are, and they’re often naturally eco-friendly because they cut out meat and dairy, the production of which causes the emission of methane, a harmful greenhouse gas. (Not to mention they’re non-harming to animals!) My favorite cookbook is Veganomicon. See the link below.

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    Big Green Cookbook looks like a good choice, with tips on hopw to cook in an eco-friendly way as well as the recipes.

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