Are there any eco friendly churches?



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    There are plenty of eco-friendly churches. Monolithic is known as the most eco-friendly church in Alaska. This church needs little energy to maintain a comfortable living environment inside. It takes less energy to heat or cool a Monolithic dome than it does to heat or cool a conventional house blanketed in airtight wrap. The lifespan of the Monolithic church is measured in centuries, not years; providing for generations of worship under the same roof.

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    Yes, this is the church that does not have outside speakers that cause noise pollution.

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    The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints has adopted many eco friendly practices including using low-flow toilets and reusing old buildings. They also have plans for LEED certified buildings, three of which will be solar powered. 

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    There are many churches that have adopted eco-friendly building plans as a way to both preserve the environment as well as cutting costs.  This Baptist church in Raleigh, NC uses geothermal heating and cooling, utilizes metal shingles, and has a green roof. It’s definitely worth checking out.

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    Yes, many churches are becoming more eco-friendly, as this can help reduce costs for churches as well as help improve the Earth. The Pullen Memorial Baptist Church in Raleigh, North Carolina, for example, have adopted a geothermal heating/AC system that allows for will help save energy costs of about $6,000 a year, especially since energy costs from ventilation often accounts for 30% of energy costs. This new system also helps decrease air pollution.

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    As others have stated, the Monolith is one of the greenest churches. However, churches can be eco-friendly other than in structure. They can be green to through their fundraisers, such as the Earth Candle or Flower Bulb fundraisers.

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