Are there any eco friendly ATM machines?



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    I could not find any indication that there are eco-friendly ATM machines.  But, there are machines called ecoATMs, automated ecycling stations.

    These machines are used to recycle used items such as cell phones and other consumer electronics. 

    Any retailer can purchase and ecoATM to be placed in the store.  The machines can be customized to include gift card purchase applications along with the recycling. 

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    To make your ATM experience more eco friendly, say no to the receipt!  It may seem silly, but even conserving this little bit of paper is helpful.  Only print the receipt if you REALLY will use it for record keeping.  But, it seems that online banking has solved the issue of saving receipts. Also,  thermal receipts contain BPA, a cancer causing plastic compound, which is absorbed directly through your skin and can also be ingested.  

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