Are there any eco-friendly (all natural, organic, sustainable) brands that are also fashionable?

I love dressing up but also want to wear more eco-friendly clothing. Are there brands that are both fashion forward and green?



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    Jonano offers designer organic clothing. Jonano offers everything from yoga wear to everyday tops and tunics, pants, jackets, and even lingerie and sleepwear. Jonano was also featured at LA fashion week and celebrities like Jennifer Aniston shop Jonano. 

    They advertise their clothing to be sustainable, natural, and fashionable. You can check them out at

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    American Apparel has some pretty nice stuff. Also, you can check out the Green Festival to find more companies. If the Green Festival does not come to your locality or you just missed this year’s festival, you can browse the list of exhibitors. Personally, I like shopping at thrift stores when I am looking for more clothes because re-using is even more environmentally friendly than getting something new. You can find a lot of awesome evening dresses at thrift stores because many people only wear them once or twice and then want something different.

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    Depending on how much you’re willing to spend, there are some eco-evening wear designers out there. Dalia MacPhee has a vegan line and also plants a tree for every gown sold. Her gowns are sold at pretty high-end retailers though, so they are probably quite expensive. I’ve also attached a link to a site with a pretty cohesive list of green fashion retail sites.

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