Are there any eagles that are more endangered than bald eagles?



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    Currently the bald eagle is no longer on the Endangered Species List. As of 2007, they are considered threatened. There are no eagles currently listed on the Endangered Species List. 

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    The most endangered eagle in the world is the Philippine eagle.  They have been critically endangered since 1969 and less than 1,000 Philippine eagles are thought to exist in the wild.  . The Philippine eagle is also called the monkey-eating eagle.

    The Madagascar fish eagle is also considered to be threatened.  Only 240 breeding adults are believed to exist in the wild.

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    Thanks to a vigorous conservation program, the bald eagle is no longer endangered.  There are several kinds of eagles that are still endangered or threatened by extinction, though. One of these is the majestic harpy eagle, which lives in Central and South America.


    With wingspans as large as 6 1/2 feet and claws the size of a grizzly bear’s, they’re one of the largest flighted birds in the world.  They are threatened by habitat destruction of their rainforest home. 

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