Are there any E-Readers that are made with eco friendly materials?



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    There are no e-readers made from recycled materials yet. I think that once there are it will really seal the deal on the importance of e-readers in helping the environment. Paper book production results in the falling of 125 million trees each year (2008). Also, paper books have the highest carbon footprint of the publishing sector based on raw materials, paper production, printing, shipping and disposal. I think it is worth buying and e-reader just based on this, but as soon as a recycled one comes out that will be the best. 

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    I looked over the Amazon Kindle and Barnes & Noble nook websites, and they don’t mention anything relating to recycled materials or other environmentally friendly tricks. These days, you could be sure that they’d boast it if they could have such a claim. It’s understandable to a degree, though – this is brand new, high-end technology, that uses many new or relatively new materials that are not recycled yet. Although I guess e-reader manufacturers could’ve used recycled plastic for the cover at least. Or offer a program where they collect old and broken e-readers to use for recycling and spare parts, maybe with a rebate on new items.

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