Are there any downsides to recycling?



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    There are some downsides to recycling.  If recycling is chosen instead of reusing, energy is wasted to turn a material into a different usable type.  Also, plastics have harmful chemicals both to us and to the environment.  Even if plastics are recycled, many times these harmful chemicals are still released.  

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    Some places don’t have recycling facilities for all recyclables near them. If that is the case the material has to be trucked a very long distance. This is of course less than ideal but in my opinion better than the recyclables going to the closer landfill. With E recycling many companies and countries are simply shipping their E-waste to countries like China that don’t have very strict environmental laws. Here the electronics are sometimes mined for the parts worth money, like gold and copper wire, and then the rest is incinerated causing some pretty nasty pollution. 

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    Also, the large demand for recycled paper may be putting the timber industry out of business. AND recycling programs can be too expensive for some communities to afford.

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    This is a tough one.  A lot of items that are recycled can actually be reused by the person who is recycling it, so that is a downside.  Nothing should be unnecessarily recycled if it is still in working condition, could be used for something else, or could be given away to charity etc.  Also, recycling uses up energy, just like any waste processing process.  

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