Are there any documentaries on farms and slaughter houses?



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    Here is a list of the “Top 10 Movies to Make You Go Meatless”, as published by PETA. There are a few on the list which discuss farms and slaughterhouses, and also a bunch more which talk about the food we eat and how the animals are treated!

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    I suggest visiting PETA’s website to view their videos which are taken from insiders. I also would promote watching Fast Food Nation and Food Inc. Their is another movie called Earthlings that I have not seen yet, but I have heard positive feedback about it.

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    Many.  PETA puts out a lot of exposes on slaughterhouses.  The footage from these are sometimes used in larger documentaries.  Most documentaries about the fast food industry generally include footage of slaughterhouses to show where the meat is coming from and to illustrate the point that the food is not good for you.  As mentioned above, Fast Food Nation and Food Inc. definitely feature slaughterhouse footage.  There are also many books on the topic that may be of interest as well.  I recently read “Eating Animals” by Jonathan Safran Foer, which not only gave many interesting facts about factory farms, but incorporated a narrative style.

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    Stillmans, PETA, ASPCA, etc have some very informative documentaries about horse slaughter. Be aware though, the videos tend to be very graphic. Not good for young children. But, they are good in that they raise awareness of the subject, and since organizations like the ASPCA have a large fan base that trusts them, they respect the videos and the messages that the organization gives.

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