Are there any disadvantages to online shopping?



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    The things you have to look out for when it comes to online shopping is credit card fraud, hidden costs, item issues, and delivery time. The most common type of fraud in online shopping is credit card. Hidden charges like shipping costs have a tendency of popping up when it comes to online shopping. Items can often get damaged during shipping or are nonreturnable.
    Finally, it can take weeks to ship an item, depending on how much the customer is willing to spend.

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    Probably the biggest disadvantage to online shopping is the potential for fraud. People can steal your credit card information if you aren’t careful about what site you buy from. Also, you need to worry about the quality of the item you buy online. Unlike in a store, you can’t tell if the item is damaged or not if you buy it from the internet. Some websites won’t let you return an item, so if it is damaged, you basically just wasted your money.

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    No I did’nt found any disadvantages of online shopping since I am doing …:)

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