Are there any differences between plankton and krill?



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    Krill is specific type of shrimp-like animal found throughout the world’s ocean, but particularly important as the base of the food chain in polar seas.  Plankton refers to the entire suite of free-drifting life in the ocean.  Plankton can be either plants (phytoplankton) or animals (zooplankton).  Many animals such as fish and many crustaceans start their life out as zooplankton before settling into their adult roles.  Krill on the other hand is one of many forms of zooplankton that live their entire lives as plankton.

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    Plankton, for the most part, are actually single-celled algae, that use photosynthesis to generate the energy they use (although zooplankton, which are still in the same family as plankton, can be larger and even feed off of plankton.) Krill, on the other hand, are crustaceans, with a shell, segmented bodies, and antennae. Both species are extremely important building blocks for life in the world’s oceans.

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