Are there any dictators in the world right now who are doing anything positive for the environment?



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    It has been claimed that because of their lower impact on the environment in the form of greenhouse emissions, nuclear power plants are a more environmentally friendly way to generate electricity than burning fossil fuels. Therefore dictators in North Korea and Iran that are driving towards building nuclear power plants (insofar as they will be used to generate electricity and not weapons) can in this way be said to be doing something positive for the environment. However, the net contribution of dictators to the well being of the environment is likely to be negative.

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    Dictators are typically easier to deal with in environmental terms. Though human rights infringements may abound, they can get things done quickly and efficiently. Hitler actually had an amazing environmental and animal rights program for his time, believe it or not. Particularly when it comes to protecting endangered species, a lot of the Southeast Asian “soft” dictatorships are quite responsive.

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