Are there any diapers that aren’t harmful to the environment?



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    There some lines of eco-friendly diapers. There are some greener disposable diaper, reusable diapers, and and washable diapers that are more friendly to the environment. Check out the link below. It has links to all sorts of diaper websites with tips and cost comparisons.

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    Parenting magazine had mothers test out eco-friendly diapers. Earth’s Best Tendercare chlorine-free diapers received the highest rating, it is leak free, $13 a pack, for sizes 34 to 42, and can be found at Next up was bumGenius one-size cloth diapers for $18 for one at FizziBunz cloth diapers from are available for $12, but this received a few complaints about leakage. Lastly, they recommended Nature Babycare Chlorine-free biodegradable diapers for $12, however, it wasn’t absorbent for nighttime.

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