Are there any designers that only use organic fabrics for their clothing?



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    There are a lot of designers that are creating lines completely out of organic cotton. They range from super expensive like Stella Mccartney and Linda Loudermilk, to more affordable like Threads for Thoughts, The Battalion and EcoSkin. Check out the link below for a review of these lines and links to their websites. 

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    At Fashion Week, outstanding designer, John Patrick of Organic showed a new collaboration with Anthropologie, which unveiled its “Made in Kind” label. Part of a series of limited-edition collections from emerging and established designers, the “O by Organic” label features the same sustainable fabrics (organic cotton, recycled polyester, recycled rayon) and effortless silhouettes that Patrick built his name on. Starting at $88 for a chiffon tee, the pieces are more accessibly priced than his primary line and Nearly all of them are made in the United States.
    Another designer at Fashion Week-NY, was Brooklyn-based designer, Samantha Pleet often incorporates eco-happy practices in her designs, which are made in New York City using organic materials whenever possible.

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