Are there any desalination plants in California?



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    Indeed there are. “To date, only a limited number of desalination plants have been built along the California coast, primarily because the cost of desalination is generally higher than the costs of other water supply alternatives available in California (e.g., water transfers and groundwater pumping).” Though this is not the end of the story in late 08 the California Coastal Commission approved a plan to build the Western Hemisphere’s largest desalination plant north of San Diego — a move aimed at relieving water shortages in the nation’s most populated state. Construction on the plant could begin next year and begin delivering drinking water in 2011, according to Connecticut-based Poseidon Resources Corp., which is heading the project. Each new desalination push in the state comes by way of drought – as was the case in the summer of 08 with this greenlit project and will inevitably be the case again.

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    A desalination plant will be built near San Diego as a test case to see whether such a large plant can serve the public while being safe for the ocean. The plant will filter 100 million gallons of seawater daily. If construction proceeds as scheduled, it will produce 50 million gallons of drinking water by 2011.

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