Are there any cute purses made out of renewable materials?



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    There are certainly some purses on the market made from renewable materials. A renewable material is something that once taken from, can regenerate the same material again and again.

    The term renewable is difficult to define related to this question because, although you can find many purses made from cotton, bamboo, canvas, hemp, and wool, these sources are renewable only if the originating source is replanted/rebred and the renewable cycle continued.

    Check out:


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    You can take a look at the purses listed below.  They claim to be made from an “eco-friendly renewable resource, ‘The Natural Polymer’.”  Unfortunately, they don’t divulge more information.  You can always contact them to find out exactly what their purses are made out of.

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    There are two different types of purses/handbags that are made out of renewable resources:

    The first is recycled material, where entire objects are molded and put together to create a bag, for example using an old license plate or using plastic bottles, candy wrappers, etc.

    For some recycled material hangbags you can go here:


    The next is organic material handbags, which are made from organic material such as hemp, organic cotton, jute , and bamboo. These material reduce the impact on the earth because they are 100% biodegradable and can be fully recycled.

    For some organic material handbags you can go here:

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    These are cute purses made out of recycled license plates.  They are made by Little Earth.

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    There are seatbelt bags that are created from old seatbelts.  They are weaved together into different types of purses.  You can find them at a retailer called Harvey’s, and they are often found at farmers/craft/art markets in cities on the weekends.

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    I think these are the cutest purses. They’re made from recycled keyboards, and are incredibly cool looking. If keyboards aren’t recycled, they do what all other plastic in a landfill does: sit there for thousands of years. They’re a bit hard to find in stores (1. Because they’re so popular, 2. Because not too many people make them), but I’ve listed one link below. Hope you like it!


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