Are there any cures for cancer yet?



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    Cancer has proven that it can be cured. There are certain treatments that could be considered “cures”, although there is not yet one pill or treatment that will automatically cure any cancer. 

    Chemotherapy is one of the most common and effective ways to maintain and stop cancer from growing. There are about 100 different methods of chemo and it can be used for many things including shrinking tumors, killing cancer cells and may be paired with other treatments. Chemo is not a cure all, but does have a solid track record of success with certain cancers. Chemo targets cancer cells and can affect other cells in your body but they will often spring back to health on their own. 

    Some doctors also believe in natural treatments such as changes in diet, outdoor activity, and herbal supplements. These treatments have not been scientifically proven, but are trusted and practiced by many. 

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