Are there any cups that are eco friendly for hot coffee?



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    Yes there sure are. One of my favorites that I have seen at a couple local coffee joints is ecotainer brand of cup. They are very environmentally focused and make a dang good cup. 

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    Bring your own reusable cup with you!  This is the most eco friendly way to drink your coffee.  Each year 363 million pounds of coffee cups end up in US landfills.  Plus you will get a 10 cent discount when you bring your own cup to Starbucks!

    Why throw away a paper cup each time you drink coffee when you can conserve resources and save money by using your own cup?

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    Using your own mug is still the king of eco-friendliness. A reusable mug has a one-time footprint, while each fresh cup is a new environmental cost. Also, some coffee shops give a discount for filling up with your own mug, which puts green in your pocket as well as the environment.

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