Are there any cultures that eat the common pigeon?



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    Yes.  In fact, there’s quite a few.  However, they don’t call it pigeon — they call it squab.  Pigeons have actually been domesticated for food production for thousands of years.  Ancient Romans, Spaniards and Egyptians ate it, and today it is still eaten by people throughout the world today (even in the United States — Chinatowns across the country serve it).  It is seen as somewhat of a delicacy in some areas.

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    Yes, pigeon, known in the culinary world as squab, is a surprisingly common, however mostly upscale, dining option. It is probably most common in American-style Chinese cuisine, but I’ve seen it on seasonal menus at some upscale restaurants, most recently an authentic Italian restaurant in California. Squab has a gamey flavor and the meat is somewhat dark and rich compared to larger birds such as chicken or turkey, and is more delicate and tender than goose.

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