Are there any crocodiles and alligators in the western states?



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    Alligators and crocodiles aren’t found in the wild in any western US states. The natural habitat of alligators, in the US, is in the southeastern states like Florida. The American crocodile is found in southern Florida.

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    Neither the American Alligator nor the highly endangered American Crocodile are native to western states, both species being highly contained and concentrated within a limited range. American Alligators are found across the Southeast, while American Crocodiles are limited to the southernmost tip of Florida.

    If you’ve found an alligator in the Western states, I would hazard to guess it was an escaped pet, as baby alligators are often kept as exotic aquarium pets on the West Coast. And if you’ve found an honest-to-goodness wild crocodile west of Florida, then I don’t even know. You should probably contact the authorities, because something has gone wrong for that to happen.


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