Are there any credit card companies that focus on small green businesses?



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    Banks are definitely beginning to recognize that more and more small businesses are popping up and that they have different requirements than typical businesses.  That being said, there are a number of different options for financing a small green business.  Although it was difficult to find a list of credit cards specifically for green businesses, there are a number of banks that cater to green businesses and are even going green themselves so green business owners can feel comfortable working with a bank that practices the same values as they do.  See below:

    • New Resource Bank: located in San Francisco is a great bank that only gives accounts to green businesses.  Furthermore, they have a program which allows their customers the chance to communicate and network with each other in order to share best practices, financial and otherwise for green businesses
    • GreenChoice Bank: headquartered in Chicago is a LEED Certified building that makes going green a part of their daily operations.  They use low toxin paint on the walls, have high efficiency heating and cooling systems throughout the building, have a green roof and even have a system to capture rainwater to reuse for irrigation
    • Green Bank: located in Houston will donate $50 to the environmentally or socially friendly organization of your choice when you open a business checking or money market account with their bank
    • Bigger banks like Wells Fargo are also offering various green perks for business owners
    • One PacificCoast Bank has partnered up with Green America to create a Visa Platinum credit card.  The credit card will earn its green points because it turns everyday purchases into efforts to support a more sustainable environment and greener planet.  With each purchase, a percentage gets split between One PacificCoast Bank and Green America in their efforts to suppor the environment.


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