Are there any credit card companies that donate to green causes when you use your card?



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    Here are three cards that are “eco-friendly”, or they lead you to believe they are.

    The American Express Zync Card uses rewards system to determine where you can earn double rewards points for your purchases and you can choose the Eco Pack but in reality it  just gives you double points when you shop at eco-friendly retailers.

    The Green America Visa, issued by One Pacific Coast Bank receives a portion of the 2% interchange fee and then a portion of that goes to Green America which is about one tenth of a penny.  

    The Bank of America World Wildlife Fund Visa Card lets you choose from the endangered animal images on the card but really, Bank of America gives WWF $100.00 and then contributes 25 cents of every $100.00.

    You are better off cutting a check and sending it directly to the organization of your choice.

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