Are there any country songs that talk about the environment?



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    Yes!  “Don’t Go Near The Water,” by Johnny Cash is one, and “Living In The Future In A Plastic Dome” by Country Joe MacDonald is another.

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    “Big Yellow Taxi,” by Joni Mitchell is a great country song about the environment, and is fairly well known.  “My Dirty Stream (The Hudson River Song),” by Pete Seeger is also a good one.  The link below has an “Earth Day Playlist,” which consists of 32 songs dedicated to the environment.  Not all of them are in the country genre, but many of the songs are by reputable artists who are worth listening to.

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    There area few.  “Seminole Wind” by John Anderson is a beautiful song.  Also, “Pass it on Down” by Alabama.

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    There is also “We Kill the World” by Boney M. It’s pretty ridiculous. 

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