Are there any countriest that are powered by nuclear power alone?



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    No, there are no countries that are only powered by nuclear power. About 40% of South Korea’s energy comes from nuclear power, though. This is the country that has the largest percentage of its energy coming from nuclear power. It is one of the eight countries that has the potential to create nuclear weapons, and it still creates less nuclear energy than Japan, the US, and Europe.

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    No, in this day and age there arent any countries completely powered by nuclear power.  There isn’t enough technology to provide the level of safety and reliability needed to completely power a country on nuclear energy.  As technology improves and we continue to move towards clean, alternative energy, the time may come when we can provide the energy to power a country based entirely on nuclear energy, but not today. France comes the closest with 76.2% of their energy coming from nuclear, and the U.S. gets 19.7%.

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    “Energy” is not the same as “electricity.” South Korea may get 40% of its electricity from nuclear power; France gets 79% of its electricity from nuclear power. Both nations rely almost 100% on oil for the fuel to power their vehicles. Heating is another question.

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