Are there any countries where men have a longer life expectancy than women?



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    Very few.  The following results were compiled by the UN between 2005 and 2010.  In Niger, the male life expectancy is 57.8 years of age versus the female 56 years.  Afghanistan: male 43.9, female 43.8.  Zimbabwe: male 44.1, female 42.6.  Lesotho: male 42.9, female 42.3.  Swaziland: male 39.8, female 39.4.

    Others are extremely close.  In Botswana, the life expectancy is 50.5 for men versus 50.7 for women. 

    The CIA Factbook for 2009 has some discrepancies from the UN’s statistics, but it remains that there are some countries, all poor and mostly in Africa, where men live longer than women.

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