Are there any countries that use more coal than we do?



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    China currently consumes the most coal. USA is next, and India is 3rd.

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    After a survey conducted by the British Geological survey, China was the top producer of coal with 38 percent of the share. The USA took second, followed by India. 

    ANother survey done in 2007 showed that China was still on top producing 6,395.6 million tons of coal, 39.7% of the total. U.S was second producing 1,039 million tons of coal composing of 16.2 percent of total production.

    The total list of countries by coal production can be seen from this site.

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    One of the other answers misquotes the cited reference; China does not produce 6395.6 million tons of coal – that is the world total. China’s coal production is about 3300 million tons per year.

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