Are there any countries that use more biofuel than fossil fuel?



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    I doesn’t appear so. Germany, the largest producer of biodiesel, fueled 8 percent of it’s diesel vehicles with biodiesel in 2009. The US is currently the second leading producer and I don’t think we use more biodiesel than fossil fuel here.

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    For the record, no, the US does not use more biodiesel than fossil fuel. US total ethanol + biodiesel in 2008 was 840 trillion Btus. We use about 19.7 million barrels of oil per day; 1 barrel = about 6 million Btus, or 118 trillion Btus per day, or 43 quadrillion Btus per year. Ethanol + biodiesel is around 2% of oil consumption in the US in terms of Btus.

    That does not count anything from coal or natural gas.

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