Are there any countries that share the money they get from natural resources?

Like Indian casinos and their money.



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    Natural resources are considered the domain of the government in power at that location. These resources may either be in development by the regional governments, or may have been purchased by independent developers at which point the regional government would no longer have jurisdiction per terms of the contract.

    In this occurrence, in any legitimate contract, the private developer would be taxed for property usage, and possibly have provisions in the contract to use the local workforce or to positively invest in the local ecology.

    In this manner, the positive aspect of natural resource development may be spread among local residents – but the larger drive for developing natural resources, as generally they do take a large initial capital investment, is profit.

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    The United Kingdom has benefited from the production and sale of good clean sweeet crude for some years, they have passed the benefits in turn to many third world countries, by way of free education, the provision of fresh clean water, public toilets for the poor and many other things that help poor people in the third world to live a better easier life.

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