Are there any countries that mainly eat a raw diet?



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    It doesn’t seem like entire countries are engaged in the practice of eating raw food. However, there are a couple of (seemingly subjective) lists which suggest places which might be friendlier towards people who eat raw foods. These places include Uganda, Indonesia, Guatemala, India, Thailand, Japan, Australia, and Singapore.  

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    One culture to follow a “raw” diet are the traditional Inuits. Since they do not have access to many types of food (no Wal-marts in the arctic!), traditional Inuits generally live off of mostly protein and whatever plants they can forage. Inuits eat their meat raw, which may help them to gain extra nutrients that are generally lost in the cooking process.  

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    Although their entire diets don’t consist of raw foods, I’d suggest Japan as an example of a developed country with a diet staple of raw fish.  You might be surprised to know that most homes in Japan don’t have ovens.  

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