Are there any countries that live a more comfortable lifestyle than Americans?



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    Other first-world countries such as Canada, England, and France tend to have similar standards of living to the United States. 

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    Well, keeping in mind that America has a rather large amount of poverty, especially in the curent climate, I assume you’re asking about the affluence of the nation as a whole. Truthfully, because of this issue with the gap betwee rich and poor in this country, there are a number of nations, such as Switzerland and Ireland that compare to us, While the UAE, Luxembourg, and Qatar actually outrank the US!

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    The United States was ranked seventh place among countries with the highest standard of living and ranked eighth place among the world’s richest countries per ca pita. 

    For 2010, the country ranked number one for quality of life is France. Number two and three are Australia and Switzerland.

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    This question is pretty much opinion based since people’s ideas of what type of lifestyle is comfortable varies. However, in defining a comfortable lifesyle as one that’s very laid back and care free, it’s generally believed that the European countries are among some of most comfortable. People tend to start work later, take long lunch breaks, then head back to work for a few more hours. Once work is over, they can go to dinner with friends, or spend a night on the town. And, because the European countries are so close together, a lot of people travel to the different countries often.

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    Social democracies, such as those found in Scandinavia, often have very high standards of living due to their healthcare and education policies.  This isn’t to say that these countries are without other problems, but they do compete with America in the category of standard living.

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