Are there any countries that have a negative population growth?



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    Russia’s population has declined by almost 5 million in the past two decades.  According to the United States Census Bureau, Russia could expect to go from a population of 143 million to 111 million by the year 2050; roughly equating a 20% population decline.

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    Japan is another country with negative population growth and is facing a population that is getting increasingly older. In fact, a number of 1st world countries have zero or negative population growth. What tends to happen is that in populous countries, people have fewer children and have children later in life, resulting in a decreasing growth rate. Countries like the US which still have a positive population growth, maintain this mostly through immigration rather than natural births in the country.

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    Depending on which list you choose in the cited page, 25 to 30 nations have negative population growth rates.

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