Are there any countries that export water?



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    There is currently a water crisis in the South Pacific Islands near New Zealand. These islands haven’t had rain for a good 6 months, and they are now relying on other nearby countries like New Zealand to export fresh water to them. Climate change has also made this situation worse, since the rising sea levels have contaminated the fresh water supplies that these islands have underground. Rain isn’t expected anytime soon, and now these islands have to worry about the longterm. 

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    Turkey currently rakes in around $150 million dollars annually exporting water from its Manavgat River to “dry” countries like Israel using oil tankers for transport.  Proponents of the practice point out that it may be easier and more cost-effective for water-rich countries upstream of dryer countries to send water through existing rivers and are pushing for regional agreements.  


    Bottled water also remains a popular export for countries like the United States, Canada, France, Italy and Fiji.  

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