Are there any countries in Europe that have a lot of gold?



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    The Netherlands actually has a huge gold reserve. The Netherlands have about 674.98 tons of gold. While that is the biggest reserve of gold in Europe, there are some close contenders: Switzerland, France, Italy, and Germany.

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    Germany has the biggest gold reserve in Europe, with 3754.29 tons of gold valued at $150.17 billion.  Other countries with large reserves are Italy (2,701.9 tons, $108.07 billion) France (2,683.81 tons, $107.35 billion), and Switzerland (1,146 tons, $45.84 billion).

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    In 2008 Turkey (at 41% of the EU’s total gold production) and Sweden (at 20% of the EU’s production) mined the most gold, although Europe as a whole only mined about 1% of the world’s total in that year. Other countries (Russia and Sweden, for example) have large reserves which have not been exploited yet. 

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