Are there any countries that don’t believe in Global warming?



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    Well, all countries probably have some citizens (in some cases fairly prominent ones) who disbelieve in global warming, but some countries are particularly notable. Russia’s official policy on the effects of global warming are in effect to ignore it, and more than 50% of all Russians claim to have heard very little on the issue. Those who are aware of it are mostly people living in areas badly afflicted by it: for instance Siberia, where permafrost is melting, and the Caucauses, which undergoes frequent heat waves. From 2008 to 2009, a Pew Research survey of Americans also revealed that there has been a 14% drop in people who believe that there is solid evidence the world is warming, 11% drop that this warming is caused by people, and a 9% drop that this is a serious problem. All of this is quite troubling.

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