Are there any countries that are completely oil independent?



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    Some countries use very little oil for things like electricity and heating (e.g., Iceland, which uses hydropower and geothermal, and France, which uses nuclear power for most of its electricity). Some non-industrialized nations like Congo use little oil; other very small nations like Niue use very little oil.

    But, despite some small increases in cars and other transportation using electricity, hydrogen, or other sources of power, the vast majority of cars still use oil (gasoline), including those in Iceland, France, Congo, and Niue.

    So the answer to your question is no.

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    Brazil has several offshore oil fields, and has made several strides within the past five years to become oil independent. They aren’t utilizing oil powerhouses like Exxon to operate their drills, but are going with their own energy company called Petrobras.  They also have invested millions of dollars to their ethanol industry with sugar cane as the energy source. In 2008, 90% of the new cars ran on flexible fuel, a combination of gasoline and ethanol.

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