Are there any countries that are actually using permaculture?



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    It seems that, for the most part, developping countries are the ones that are using permaculuture practices:  Peru, Belarus, Kenya, Senegal, Turkey, Cambodia, Cameroon, Hungary, Philippines, Ghana, Iceland, and the Bahamas.  India and Australia are also adopting permaculture. 

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    I don’t think that permaculture is really a country-by-country deal. I know people here in the USA who use permaculture and support themselves entirely with what they grow and how they grow it. SInce permaculture is a way of ensuring that the earth isn’t strained too badly by taking too many nutrients out without adding more in (among other things), people who  farm to support themselves are more likely to use this. As such, I would imagine that people in less developed countries would use this more, as they would be more likely to know (and have this knowledge passed down through generations) about the ways and ideals that make farming easier.

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