Are there any countries in Africa that are helping the environment?



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    Probably not as many as there are that are NOT HARMING THE ENVIRONMENT. The Western Lifestyle is energy intensive, it is wasteful, and it is harming the earth — because we are so driven by money (we make eco-unfriendly business choices to cut cost) and we are so easily convinced that what we are doing is not a problem (the propaganda of consumerism— think plastic bags, driving cars, buying Factory Farmed meats—we do a lot of stuff that is really bad for the earth and we are convinced that it doesn’t have much of an effect [because we can recycle, drive a hybrid, or just “not think about where it comes from”])… but in Africa there are more people living subsitence lifestyles — there are more Leaver cultures — as opposed to our gross Taker Lifestyles — and therefore there are probably more countries over there that are having a negligible impact on the environment (whereas, we are killing it swiftly, and in many cases, without remorse).

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