Are there any concerts or music festivals that promote green living?



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    Yes! There are tons of green music festivals… You’ll want to check them out according to the city/area where you live, or would like to visit.

    In Chicago, there’s the “Chicago Green Music Festival” and the “Pitchfork” music festival. If you’re in that area, check it out July 16-18. Their “green” stats can be found at


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    There are many music festivals that have started to adopt eco-friendly habits. There is a non-profit organization called Reverb that was started in 2004. They work with bands like Dave Matthews Band, Sheryl Crow, and Jack Johnson (just to name a few) to green up their tour. On their website ( they talk about how they set up “eco-villages” at festivals and concerts, put out recycling bins, use bio-degradable cups and silverware, and also have local outreach programs for people to get involved with in their communities. On their website they have the tour dates for all of the bands that are having eco-friendly concerts. Check out their website to find a band that is coming to a city near you. 

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    At Lollapalooza this year next to every single garbage can was a recycling and compost can too.  I had never seen compost cans at any music festival before and I thought it was a great idea.  It appeared that people were using them too!

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