Are there any concept electric cars that are finally going to come out in 2010?



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    The much talked about Chevrolet Volt has the goal of being made available on the market within the year 2010.

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    Expected 2010:

    Tesla Roadster EV (available since 2008), Nissan Leaf, BRAMMO Enertia EV, Buddy EV (in Norway), Chery S18 EV (in China), Daimler SmartForTwo EV, Lightning EV, Honda Fit HEV (in Japan), Hyundai i10 EV (in Korea), Wheego LiFe EV

    Expected 2011:

    Chevy Volt, Audi A1 PHEV, BYD HEV, CODA EV, GM PHEV SUV, Hyundai Sonata HEV, Lexus CT 200h HEV, Mitsubishi iMiEV (already available in Europe and Japan), Reva NXR EV, Pininfarina Bluecar EV (in Europe)

    Expected 2012:

    Audi e-tron I EV, Audi A1 etron EV, BYD EV, Chrystler-Fiat 500 EV, Ford Focus EV, Honda Fit HEV (in US), Opel Ampera PHEV (in Europe), Porsche Spyder 918 HEV, Reva NXG EV, Subaru R1e EV, Tesla Model S EV, Toyota FT-EV II, Toyota Prius PHEV, Toyota RAV4-EV, Hyundai i10 EV (in US)


    This list includes Electric Vehicles (EV), Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEV), and Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEV).

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